Leh’s Anatomy

Drops of sweat slid from my  brow and bounced off the  back of my latex-gloved hands as they clutched the hospital bed.  I counted along with the team through my dirty and dampened surgical mask,  “Un, deuz, trois… omnivar!”  The Frenchmen and I  heaved our might behind the  bed  and raced out of the  ward, … Continue reading

The Flash Floods of Leh (part 2)

Day 2 : Mob mentality and panicked pandemonium. India never plays by the rules, and states of Emergency seem to be  no exception. My Swiss friend Jocelyn and I had spent a night under stormy skies on the mountain, where we had luckily met our good friend Rami. He was an Israeli army medic who … Continue reading

The Flash Floods in Leh (Part 1)

Its hard to blog when you are slipping in and out of a state of Nirvana through yoga and trekking bliss as I have since my last post, but nothing brings one back down to earth like… earth.  Water soil and stone pushed to deadly speeds ravaging all in their wake.  Mud tossing cars and … Continue reading